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HydraFacial Testimonials

Liza, Owner, Spa 415 Beverly Hills, CA
“Clients who receive the HydraFacial are EXTREMELY loyal to it. I treat some very top-top exclusive stars who have seen significant results. It is the best device I’ve seen for melasma, other than a laser. We are so happy to have this treatment on our menu.”

Bart Rademaker, M.D., FL
“In our opinion, the HydraFacial has set the new standard in facial rejuvenation. In fact, we believe it to be the new gold standard.”



Dawn, Aesthetician, Rejuva Med Spa, FL
“The main things I try to do in my job is stimulate, hydrate and exfoliate the skin of our guests. That’s the whole key to skin care. And the HydraFacial does all three in one treatment. That was what enticed me to it. Instead of having to do microdermabrasion, a deep hydrating mask, and/or acupressure massages, the HydraFacial does it all in one. HydraFacial has been a great addition to some of the doctor-prescribed treatment we do in our medical practice."

Patrick Bitter, Jr., M.D., CA
“The HydraFacial MD® System from Edge has been the most valuable new technology that we have introduced into our cosmetic practice to complement the other aesthetic procedures we offer. We utilize the HydraFacial as a compliment to the FotoFacial™ procedure for pre-treatment of melasma and hyperpigmentation and for acne. The efficacy of the topical anesthetic is enhanced and skin is better hydrated both of which enhance the overall treatment. We have found the HydraFacial treatments to be the most effective and most rapid method for improving melasma and hyperpigmentation we have ever offered. A series of two to four HydraFacial treatments will almost completely clear hyperpigmentation that may result as a complication of laser or IPL treatments an in improving the temporary hyperpigmentation that may result from the FotoFacial procedure. We offer the HydraFacial as a stand alone procedure for acne, for people who have completed FotoFacial treatment to help maintain the result and as a gentler, more easily tolerated procedure than microdermabrasion for people with sensitive skin."

“HydraFacial™ has made such a difference. My skin is so much softer, the pores on my nose are clear and I no longer get break-outs on my chin or have redness on my forehead. Best of all, it has helped clear up my allergy-induced puffy and peeling eyelids.” ~Janine S.

“To my surprise, I noticed a difference in my skin after my first visit. The dark spots were much lighter and my whole face looked moist and glowing. I am so happy because I am getting married next month and my face looks totally different.”~Carole C.

“Since my HydraFacial™ treatments, I have seen significant improvement with my skin, and received numerous compliments on how nice it looks. My skin is clear, and I no longer have breakouts and problems with my pores. The treatment is simple, relaxing and most importantly, effective.” ~Elmina P.

“My first HydraFacial™ treatment has blown my mind. My skin is incredibly soft and well hydrated and the tone is far more even. I have never used any other form of exfoliation that has such dramatic results. I’m sold!”~Rachael B.

“I am extremely pleased with the results of my HydraFacial™ treatments. Unlike glycolic peels, there’s no pain, no discomfort and no inflammation at all. I can’t believe how smooth my skin feels now; I am very impressed that the hydrating effect lasts for a week, and the lifting effect is amazing! My forehead and nose used to be oily all the time and now my skin has definitely improved.”~Lori T.

“After the first treatment, my skin felt hydrated and CLEAN! It really glowed and the hydration lasted for days. I am now on my third treatment and my skin continues to improve. I love the way my skin looks and feels immediately after the treatment. Unlike the microdermabrasion, which I liked the result of but walked around 12 hours with a very red face, I leave the HydraFacial™ treatment looking FABULOUS with no redness at all! I just GLOW!

In addition to the wonderful HydraFacial™, I had the most remarkable result with the combination of the HydraFacial™ and LED red light treatment together. After just one treatment, I could tell a difference around my mouth and chin! It was really amazing and exciting.

I have had many treatments including countless kinds of facials, peels, and microdermabrasion, and my favorite is the HydraFacial™ because the changes I see in my skin are longer lasting. I am confident that with time, I can really reverse the "aging" process!” ~Betsy B.



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