Diamond Crystal-Free Tips & Abrasive/Filter Pads

Crystal-Free Tips

Edge Systems' crystal-free tips are embedded with high-quality industrial diamonds. The tips are available in five microns/grits for different skin conditions. The combination of different crystal-free tips & abrasive/filter pads allows you to provide:
• Effective exfoliation for most skin types
• Deeper abrasion for thicker skin areas
• Less aggressive exfoliation, yet effective results for sensitive, fragile skin
Unlike other "crystal-free wands" on the market, you can easily take off the diamond-embedded tip from the hand piece and clean the tip only. It takes only a second to attach & detach the tips.

Filter Pads
Edge's unique disposable filter pad not only entraps all the debris, but also can be used as a tool to show the treatment results to your patients/clients. Patients/clients will be amazed to see all the debris & impurities sloughed off from their skin. The disposable pads are for
one-time use only. Unlike other systems on the market, no more "big filter" AND "small filter" changing (buying) to do.



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